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Deaf Services and Hard of Hearing Services

Our Deaf and hard of hearing Participants follow a similar process for intake and marketing as REES’ hearing participants do. Our specialty and enhanced services include the following: 

  • A bilingual and bicultural team 
  • All services in American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Direct advertising and marketing to the Deaf Community through regular newsletter articles and success stories 
  • Qualified ASL/English interpretation for last minute interviews & employer/employee meetings
  • Full range services for Deaf/hard of hearing youth & students

Sometimes we feel like we are in our own little dynamic world!

In Deaf Services, we truly enjoy promoting and operating a variety of programs and connections with our participant base and with employers of all kinds. We always want more! Please contact us with your ideas, your interest in partnering services with us and your job postings

The Deaf Services Marketing Counsellor makes periodic visits to meet with both Employer and Employee to ensure that all needs are met within the working environment through proper accommodations and support.  Presentations are made on “Deaf Culture Awareness’ and ‘How to Create a Deaf Friendly Workplace’. REES Deaf Services has partnered with Sphere Quebec a Federal funding organization to provide wage subsidies to Employers to ensure long term gain in Employment. Research has shown that individuals with a disability who are being supported in their workplace for 1 or 2 years, sustain their employment. Their employers are able to see the value of investing in their Employees with a Disability as they work with REES to ensure that proper accommodations are in place for these employees.


Together, SPHERE-Québec, and Reaching E-Quality Employment Services (REES) are able to help people with physical disabilities or health conditions secure employment. For more information on our FREE services please call 204-832-REES (7337)

Are you an Employer looking for a loyal dedicated employee? Are you just not sure that hiring a person that is deaf is a good idea? Then Listen Up! Let us answer the questions and quash your concerns.

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