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REES Hiring Incentive Project (RHIP)


To provide unemployed individuals with physical disabilities with an assessment and/or on-the-job training that will lead to potential employment.

Eligible Employers

This will include for-profit and non-profit employers and municipal governments.

Eligible participants

Individuals with physical disabilities who are registered with Reaching E-Quality Employment Services. (Special emphasis on Job seekers, who are Immigrants, Aboriginal or 50 years of age and older.) 

Duration and Financial Assistance

Maximum of 80-hour paid job or assessment placement at a wage, covered by the project. The expectation for the RHIP Job-Oriented Placement is that the employer will continue to provide on-going employment when the program ends if the employee performs satisfactorily during the initial period. For a RHIP Assessment Placement employers will complete an evaluation form on job performance upon conclusion of the 80 hours, for the purpose of determining the individual’s ability to perform the job duties or identifying possible workplace accommodations.

Workers Compensation

During the 80-hour placement, participants will be employees of Reaching E-Quality Employment Services and therefore are covered under our Workers Compensation.

For more information please contact:

Paula Harris 
REES Hiring Incentive Project Coordinator 
p. 204.832.7337 Ext 236 

A community based project funded by the Province of Manitoba; and the United Way of Winnipeg